Woman Sues Disney for not letting her ride

2 11 2008

So in my news search today across several websites, I ran across the following article. I found it very odd, somewhat interesting, and rather humorous. See what you think.



Ailing Woman Sues Disney For Kicking Her Off Ride

Monday, October 20, 2008 – updated: 5:43 pm EDT October 20, 2008

ORLANDO, Fla. — A Central Florida woman had a prescription for her chronic pain that included riding Disney’s Tower of Terror. She says it actually worked, but says Disney kicked her out for riding the ride too many times and now she’s suing.  

“I actually hold the record right now for the most rides of single riders which is 56 times,” said Denise Mooty. 

Every Saturday for the past three-and-a-half years, Mooty has visited Hollywood Studios to ride the attraction. She rode it over and over, as many as 20 times in a row. 

Mooty has adhesions in her abdomen, essentially, internal scarring. She needs four to six surgeries a year to get rid of the adhesions. 

Mooty’s doctor wrote a letter to Disney stating, “The benefit of riding the Tower of Terror breaks down these adhesions thus relieving her of so much pain.” 

“Every since I’ve been riding the Tower of Terror, I only have to have one surgery versus several. It really works, the G-force of going up and down,” said Mooty. 

Mooty had a guest assistance card and would either go through the Fast Pass lane or the back entrance. But then one day in August it all changed. 

“A different manager said she didn’t care what my card said, I’m only allowed to ride the ride four times,” said Mooty. 

Mooty said she was also told she could no longer use the back entrance. She spent the next couple of weeks arguing with Disney. In the end, she got booted out and was cited for trespassing and for using profanity. Mooty claims she did not do those things. 

For its part, Disney said there was never a restriction placed on the number of times Mooty could ride the Tower of Terror. The park said she used profanity in front of guests and that’s why she was ordered out. But the park did say it would listen to an appeal of her case. 

Mooty is suing to get back on the ride and also to collect damages.




Now when I first read that, I was a little confused, so I had to read it again. Had a doctor seriously prescribed riding Tower of Terror for this woman’s medical issue!? I thought doctors always told people with major medical issues to NOT ride thrill rides? So I paused and thought about it for a second, thinking that maybe it would somehow it would all make sense…but it didn’t. That only made me laugh more. If the doctor seriously prescribed riding the ride for this woman, I would imagine the doctor would have contacted the park to let them know of this very, very odd situation. Had there been contact, I somehow find it hard to believe that one manager was somehow out of the loop, knowing how things like this worked at Cedar Point. If we had a certain guest that feel into a crack in our disability program, or there was something very different about the situation, every ride, every supervisor, and every manager in the operations office knew about the situation within about 10 minutes. Of course, there’s always the chance that this Disney manager was new, and that someone had simply left out this slightly important detail.

This whole situation just seems extremely bizarre, and I’m still confused, but still laughing at it. So what do you think; sad, stupid, confusing, hilarious, or mixture of some of the options? Whatever the case may be, there’s a lot we don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care. I got my interesting and slightly humorous read of the day in.




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