Remember the Virtual Magic Kingdom?

4 04 2011

Does anyone else remember the Virtual Magic Kingdom game that Disney had from 2005-2008? I don’t really know what prompted me to look it up, but I headed over to Wikipedia a bit ago and typed in “Virtual Magic Kingdom” to see what would pop up. After reading through the Wiki article, I clicked on a link that caught my eye and found myself on a VMK fan site, VMKRevisited. This is a really cool website if only for the fact that you can (almost) roam around the VMK again and relive any memories that you may have relating to this once-popular Disney MMOG.

After almost four years of not having played the game, I was kind of surprised that I still had a general idea of where each exit led, as long as I was in one of the rooms that existed prior to mid-2007 (when I stopped playing for good)…or maybe that’s pathetic. I’ll let you decide.
Some of the games are actually functional, although the only two I really played are not, which was a slight bummer. The games that you can actually play are the Tomorrowland Arcade games as well as the games on Main Street. You can see the levels in the Haunted Mansion game, but you can’t really play it, and the same goes for the Pirates game (at least for me in Safari, maybe I’ll see if Pirates will work in Firefox). The game that I got absolutely addicted to and became the only reason I cared about VMK once it exploded in popularity was the fireworks game; and I was pretty darn good at it if I do say so. Unfortunately, it is not a playable game in the “museum” version, but you can at least see the game lobby.

This is pretty cool, and I could easily spend an hour or more wandering around and seeing everything again. If you enjoyed VMK at all during its three year run, you will definitely want to do at least a little clicking around and exploring with VMKRevisited. Now, if you’ll excuse me while I go do some VMK exploring…