31 03 2011

Welcome to Theme Park Critic, or rather, welcome back to Theme Park Critic! After being inactive for just over two years, The Critic is back (for now, but more on that later), and I am actually really excited being back. Since I last blogged here, a lot have changed in the industry as well as personally, so for some topics, you might see me approaching them differently than I used to. What has not changed is my passion for the topic at hand and (unfortunately for you), cheesy sense of humor.

So why Theme Park Critic, you ask? Well, the short answer is “because I feel like it.” That probably isn’t enough for many of you, though, so here’s a little more detail on why I do what I do. The amusement industry has been a personal passion and area of career interest for many years, and I often enjoy writing about things that I feel passionate about. This is not just a passive career interest, either. I have worked for Cedar Fair, Disney, have been involved with several different industry fan sites, and had the pleasure of meeting executives from several parks and companies.

In addition to writing about the industry, I also love to document it through photography. I had a large collection of several thousand pictures…I say “had” because unfortunately the external hard drive that held the majority of them died before I got to transfer everything over to my newer drive. Recovery is expensive and may not even be possible with this drive, so I’ll cross my fingers and hope. This blog may occasionally serve as a showcase for a few of my favorite pictures as well, and you will be able to find those and a few more on my Flikr page.

Up there at the top of the post I mentioned that Theme Park Critic is back “for now,” and that has to do with at least one idea I am currently kicking around in the ever-changing room of ideas called my mind. I am considering starting a new, more general blog to allow me to write about a much wider selection of topics beyond the amusement industry (despite what some may say, I am not a one-trick pony). Depending upon that project, I may decide to roll this blog into the new one and cover everything in one blog. It is, however, just an idea at this point and nothing will be happening until well after I set up the other blog. And then there is always that pesky little thing called “life” that tends to get in the way of things. I make no promises for a regular schedule of posts, but do have every intention of trying to get something new up every week.

There you are, everything that you need to know about Theme Park Critic and myself. Some real news and stuff about what is happening in the industry should be popping up before too long, so please, stay tuned and see what happens next!




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